What Can I Eat with Braces? A Comprehensive Guide

Braces, for many, symbolize a transformative journey toward a perfect smile. Yet, alongside the excitement of this new path, it is normal to wonder how they will affect your ability to eat the foods you like. “Will I have to bid farewell to my favorite candy bar? Will popcorn at the movies now be a distant memory? Embracing orthodontic treatment, including braces, involves temporary adherence to specific dietary guidelines to protect your evolving smile. Consider it a time to discover new foods and perhaps even healthier eating habits. Ask anyone who’s been through the braces journey, and they’ll likely tell you that every bite adjusted, every treat postponed, is all worth it for that final reveal.


Does "Mewing" actually reshape your jaw?

You may have seen a trend online about “mewing,” a non-medical term that describes a do-it-yourself facial restructuring method.

While tongue posture plays a role in facial development, mewing’s promises may be as distorted as some Instagram filters. Let’s dive into the science behind the hype, the potential pitfalls, and why consulting an American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) orthodontist is always the safest bet for a smile you’ll truly love.



Uncovering the Health Benefits of Orthodontists

Know the facts when considering orthodontic treatment as an adult

It’s a new year, you have made your resolutions, and on the top of your list is looking (and feeling) healthy!  As a part of looking healthy and with the understanding that on-camera meetings are here to stay, you may be curious about straightening your teeth. You are not alone,  according to a recent study conducted by the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), adult (18 years+) patients now outweigh teens/kids in treatment.