Does "Mewing" actually reshape your jaw?

You may have seen a trend online about “mewing,” a non-medical term that describes a do-it-yourself facial restructuring method.

While tongue posture plays a role in facial development, mewing’s promises may be as distorted as some Instagram filters. Let’s dive into the science behind the hype, the potential pitfalls, and why consulting an American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) orthodontist is always the safest bet for a smile you’ll truly love.*1fn3tyr*_ga*MTYzOTMyMDQ4Ni4xNjg2MTQxMzEw*_ga_3FVQ6H0JF0*MTcwOTMyMjQyNy4yLjEuMTcwOTMyMjQzOC4wLjAuMA..